Historic Districts

Historic Neighborhoods

Many people who are new to the Phoenix area think of it as a very modern city.  But they might be surprised to find that there are over 35 designated Historic Districts in Phoenix.  Homes in these neighborhoods harken back to the late 1800’s through the mid 1900’s.  These charming communities are each unique in their own way.

Historic neighborhoods have some very special things going for them.  Many are within walking distance to attractions, museums and delightful restaurants.  The architecture in these communities is quite eclectic.  In one neighborhood you can find Spanish Revival houses or California Bungalow Style homes.  In other neighborhoods you may find Victorian or Ranch or Mission Revival homes.  One thing that all of these properties have in common is that they all have a story to tell:  The backporch where the children used to sleep in the summertime; the irrigation system dating back to the old canal grid of the Hohokum Indians which keeps the area lush with trees and, some say, a few degrees cooler.  People that choose to own homes in these historic neighborhoods love the sense of history as well as the fact that these homes have really held there values.  If you are looking for a special abode within a unique neighborhood then maybe a home in one of these historic districts could be right for you – check them out!


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