Willo Historic District

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Why is Willo an important Historic District? 

Willo is one of the largest historic districts in downtown Phoenix. Getting its name from  the combination of the two voting districts of Wilshire and Los Olivos it developed over  the course of twenty years from approximately 1920 through 1940, and includes over  1,000 homes. Its charm was recognized in 2006 when Cottage Magazine named the  historic district as one of the “Top 10 Cottage Communities in America.” Criteria  include the architecture, parks and recreation, walkability of the neighborhood and  proximity to arts and culture. All of which abound with numerous great amenities  including walking distance to light rail, art museums, terrific new restaurants, coffee  houses, and of course to downtown Phoenix. 

Architectural styles and development 

Willo architecture evolved with the changing times. Originally consisting of mostly the  bungalow style in the 1920’s it evolved through the thirties recognizing the Period  Revival movement of Tudor Revival, Greek Revival, American Colonial Revival, Spanish  Colonial Revival and Pueblo Revival. The Great Depression brought the boom of the  pervious construction years to a grinding halt. In the late thirties with the advent of the  Federal Housing Administration assistance construction took hold again and with their  minimum construction standards, (along with other government imposed standards) a  more uniform style developed into what we now recognize as the Ranch style house. 

Where is Willo located?

The Willo district is roughly bounded on the north by Thomas Road, the south by  McDowell Road the east by Central Avenue and the west by 7th Avenue. It consists of  at least 22 (some say 24) separate subdivisions with the northern sections boasting  some of the newer homes.

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What schools will the kids attend? 

The public schools that service the Willo, Phoenix district include Clarendon and  Kenilworth elementary, Phoenix Preparatory Academy middle school and Central High  School. You should be aware that there are other private and charter options in the  area including Brophy College Preparatory, Xavier College Preparatory amongst others. 

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