Coronado Historic District, Phoenix Arizona

The Greater Coronado  Historic District

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The lay of the land 

Greater Coronado was developed over several years from the 1920s going through to  the 1940s and consists of three distinct districts; Coronado, Country Club Park and  Brentwood. The area is approximately 1 1/2 square miles and includes some 5,000  homes. Construction started on the western edge in the twenties and moved east and  north.  

The architecture and history 

The homes in the west, were built in the 1920-30 era and reflect California Bungalow  and Spanish Colonial Revival styles while the northern portion is predominantly of the  Ranch style made ‘popular’ by the FHA building standards of the late thirties and forties.  The earlier Bungalow style homes are noticeable by their larger front porches where  families would congregate in the shade. Ranch homes on the other hand were  developed with an emphasis placed on a private backyard. A sliding glass door opened  out to the back porch and the kitchen often had a window also opening to the back  porch and often included an outside shelf which acted as a pass through for  entertaining. Houses tend towards the smaller size, this was home to a middle class  population of policemen, merchants and railroad engineers. Typically they are 1,100  square feet but some are as small as 700 square feet and usually 2 bedroom with 1  bath. 

Why Coronado? 

Voted one of the Best Old House Neighborhoods for 2010 by This Old House magazine  Coronado’s charm is easy to see. Palm trees and quaint homes with large porches,  Coronado Park, pocket parks, and its central location has attracted artists and architects  as well as families who want to be in the school district. Award winning restaurants  including the 5 star Barrio Cafe are within walking distance. 

What schools will the kids attend? 

The public schools that service Coronado in Phoenix include Longview Elementary,  Osborn Middle School and North High School. North High School it should be noted  offers one of the country’s most rigorous, competitive and internationally recognized  

programs, ‘the International Baccalaureate’. You should be aware that there are other  private and charter options in the area including Brophy College Preparatory, Xavier  College Preparatory amongst others. 

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