Encanto Palmcroft, Phoenix Historic District

Encanto-Palmcroft Historic  District   

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The Charm 

Encanto PalmcroftThis is one of the most exclusive of the historical districts with some of the highest  prices for homes. Developed on the “City Beautiful” concept which originated in 19th  century England and focused on introducing beautification and grandeur – a philosophy  that believed such beautification would lead to a better quality of life. As such the layout  includes winding tree lined lanes bordering Encanto Park, which is a 222 acre park with  golf courses, lakes and an Enchanted Island amongst other amenities! The homes/ estates boast some of the largest square footage for the period and can include  servant’s quarters, two stories, wine vaults and in some cases garages for the  Studebakers, Packards and the new, affordable Model T Ford which retailed out at a low  $260.00. Truly this was a destination then and is definitely one now – come and drive  around and get lost in the meandering lanes while admiring the lush estates and when  you are done head for some of the trendy new restaurants in the area.  

The History and Architecture 

Both the Encanto district and the Palmcroft district share the same surveyor, Harry E.  Jones, but had different backers. Both plats were recorded within a year of each other  1928 and 1927, respectively and both started their sales in 1929 which was unfortunate  as it coincided with The Great Depression. It was not until the Federal Housing  Administration stepped in with federally insured loans in 1934 that the housing market  rebounded in Phoenix and allowed many homes in Encanto-Palmcroft to be built using  these FHA loans. Most houses date back to the 1930’s to 1940’s era and the  architecture is varied and includes Tudor Revival, American Colonial Revival, Cape  Cod, Monterey Revival, Pueblo Revival and Ranch. 

The Location 

Bounded on the south by McDowell Road, on the east by Seventh Ave, the north by  Encanto and the west by 15 Avenue. Palmcroft however is south of Palm Lane and  Encanto is north.

What schools will the kids attend? 

The public schools that service the Encanto-Palmcroft, Phoenix district include  Kenilworth elementary, Phoenix Preparatory Academy middle school and Central High  School. You should be aware that there are other private and charter options in the  area including Brophy College Preparatory, Xavier College Preparatory amongst others. 

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