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The History 

The F.Q. Story neighborhood was named after a prominent Californian who is credited  with having founded the campaign that made the Sunkist Orange famous. Story, an  investor who never lived in Phoenix, sold the land to the actual developers in 1919 and  development began in 1920. Being close to the Grand Avenue and Kenilworth car lines  on its eastern edge it was advertised as a streetcar suburb and the properties initially  had a $5,000 minimum price tag. Sales however were slow as the land was in the  floodway of Cave Creek which inundated the area in 1921and left a foot of mud in the  State Capital only a mile away. It was only after the 1923 completion of the Cave Creek  Dam that the project took off. 

FQ Story historic district homeCharacterized by narrow deep lots, the eastern section was built clustered around the  streetcar and tended to be populated by the professional class of doctors, company  presidents and lawyers. As the development progressed to the west minimum building  prices were dropped in half to $2,500.00 by 1927. To spur sales a model home was  built, a concept new to the era and one that proved successful. Buyers here tended to  be less affluent including government workers, sales people and even some of the  major contractors who built the houses.  

The Architecture 

The architecture is typical of the era with the Bungalow dominating the eastern section  and period revival homes such as the Tudor and Spanish Colonial typical of the later  development in the mid 1920’s. Pueblo, mission and ranch style housesFQ Story historic district home can also be  found. An interesting phenomenon started to emerge as development entered the later  years of the 1920’s and early 30’s. Automobiles became more common and houses  started to incorporate detached garages and carports. 

The Location and why people live there. 

Located within the parameters of McDowell Rd, Roosevelt Street, Seventh Avenue, and  Grand Avenue it is conveniently located within reach of downtown venues such as  Chase Field and the Phoenix Symphony as well some of the best restaurants in town,  art galleries and the new light rail (Streetcar suburb again?)

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What schools will the kids attend? 

The public schools that service the F.Q.Story, Phoenix district include Kenilworth  elementary, Phoenix Preparatory Academy middle school and Central High School. You  should be aware that there are other private and charter options in the area including  Brophy College Preparatory, Xavier College Preparatory amongst others. 

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