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The History 

Consisting of two separate neighborhoods, Garfield and North Garfield the area extends  approximately one square mile and was developed just to the north East of the original  Phoenix city limits. Combined, it is one of the largest historic neighborhoods as well as  one of the oldest, dating back to the Dennis Addition platted in 1883. The arrival of the  streetcar in 1895 spurred growth as workers could commute easily to Phoenix. The  streetcar model of development characterized by commercial centers at stops where  groceries could be bought and houses oriented within walking distance of the streetcar  flourished.

The Architecture 

The architecture reflects the numerous changes in style popularized by the different  periods that Garfield was a part of as it developed from the 1880s to as late as 1940.  From the modest cottages and bungalows averaging 800 square feet of its early days to  period revivals as big a 1800 square feet there is a little bit of everything. 

Why Select Garfield 

Today Garfield is undergoing revitalization with some contemporary condo projects Mural in Goldfield being built in infill plots and the older beautiful historic homes finally getting the love and  care they deserve as homeowners and investors rehabilitate them. This of course is a  reflection of the low real estate prices and the neighborhood’s location within walking  distance of the new ASU and U of A campus’, all downtown events including Chase  Field, Roosevelt Row arts district, the Science and Children’s museum, and some  wonderfully diverse restaurants including Pizzeria Bianco, a 5 star establishment whose  pizza has been voted the best in the country by Bon Appetite! If you are looking to buy  here roll up your sleeves and consult an expert on historic preservation. This is a  neighborhood that has potential. 

What schools will the kids attend? 

Garfield muralThe public schools that service Garfield in Phoenix include Garfield Elementary,  Phoenix Preparatory Middle School and North High School. North High School it should  be noted offers one of the country’s most rigorous, competitive and internationally  recognized programs, ‘the International Baccalaureate’. You should be aware that  there are other private and charter options in the area including Brophy College  Preparatory, Xavier College Preparatory amongst others. 

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